Saturday, August 9, 2008

When did I become a jungle gym?

I knew it was inevitable. Malaia is walking better and better with each passing day. She has even tried running on occasion. Apparently unsatisfied with the speed at which she walks from point A to point B. In fact she seems to really be absorbing all the things we have been trying to teach her since about the 3 month mark. Except, of course throwing her arms into the air and yelling touchdown.. I've made it my personal goal, to have her understand why she needs to learn this and when to use it. I'd like nothing more than to spend Sunday afternoons with her watching the current weeks NFL football games.
I am forever on my belly on the floor trying to entice her to walk to me. She loves it when I put my head down and then slowly raise it until we're eye to eye. She laughs hysterically and makes a b-line for my head as fast as her little body will take her. From there, her normal behaviour is to pat gently on the back of my head until I raise my head again. Setting her off laughing one more time. That was until the last couple of days or so. The moment my head goes down, she charges at me, crawls on the back of my head, across my back and down my legs until she eventually rolls off of me. Malaia is still very light, so I do not find this to be a problem yet. But this game will come to an end sooner than later no doubt in my mind.
I've also began to notice that when I hold her on my lap facing me, she gets this determined look on her face. And I know that this means that I have just became a small mountain, or even a rock climbing wall with the hand and foot holds attached. Like I have become her Mount Everest and she needs to break the speed record for ascent. Fingers in the ears and eyes, feet on the groin. She begins to climb making sure that every step and every grab finds it's mark. Working in unison to create tiny pockets of pain all over my body. Stopping only occasionally to catch her breath, and maybe a take a quick bite (out of my forehead). Her will is strong and her mind is set. To the top it is and nothing will stand in her way. This game was fun at first too. However it may be time to find other ways for her to perfect her fine motor skills.

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