Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is it with kids and water?

I understand the fascination with water. But is it necessary to splash in every little bit of it you see? The moment water is turned on in our household, Malaia comes as fast she can to try to stick her hand, and/or her whole body into it.
We've have on more than one occasion caught her standing at the toilet bowl splashing away as if mom and dad had set up this tiny pool in the house simply for her enjoyment. Yet you put her in the bath tub and her immediate reaction is to stand up and try to climb out over the side using my shirt for leverage. That lasts for about 3 seconds until she remembers that she actually likes the water. And back to playing it is.
Malaia also had her first experience with a baby pool just recently. And although she was hesitant at first, she soon found it to be her little oasis away from the rigours of everyday life and all of the learning that she is trying to absorb. A way to get back to the basics: A kick here, a splash there. Good times.
The only unfortunate part of all this water play is that we set her kiddy pool just outside the sliding glass door on the deck. So if for some reason that door gets opened she 's off like a lightning bolt and I have only a split second to react before everyone is soaking wet.
Then if the door doesn't get opened she'll stand there and bang on the door and talk angrily to it, upset by the fact that it's taunting her. It all makes me laugh.

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