Monday, August 25, 2008

Running With Scissors!

I thought perhaps Malaia was getting slightly taller. She hardly crawls anymore. Choosing instead to walk/run everywhere she goes. Once she figures how to slow down or even stop properly, she'll be out of control. Although I have to admit it cracks me up when her momentum starts building and she looks like she's running a little head heavy. Almost drunk.
To set the scene. I was sore yesterday from work. I thought maybe soaking in a tub with some Epsom salts might cure some of my muscle tension. I ran the bath, and as usual Malaia stood at the side of the tub just waiting and reaching for the water to reach her fingers so she could do a good splish a slash. Once the water finally reached the necessary height. Her top was immediately soaked. I just took it off figuring she would be good to play with some toys until I was done. SHE thought it was time for a bath.
Now I've had a couple of baths, and just let her run around, knowing the house is baby proofed enough for her current stage of development and that the baby gates are up. And honestly for the most part she just stands at the side of the tub finger tips in the water. Quite content on splashing dad. I would say that she is just about shoulder height with the top of the tub. So I was completely surprised, when she was able to dive head first into the tub. Like an Olympic springboard diver, questing for perfect form and a flawless entry. Thank god I saw it happening and was able to catch her just as he started to submerge her head. Crisis averted. Although she did swallow some water, but nothing a few gentle pats on the back couldn't fix.
I guess Ang and I have to watch her a little more closely now. She can also now reach and pulls things off the office desk and quite frankly she could not do that last week. So baby proofing has to be stepped up another notch.