Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mornings and Mirrors are the best

I love when I get a day off, or even on the weekends, when I can get Malaia out of bed in the mornings. It's probably my favourite part of being a dad to see her standing up at the side of the crib, and when she sees you she gets the biggest smile on her face that you have ever seen followed by squeals of delight and sheer joy. It absolutely melts my heart. It's as if she's seen you for the first time in a really long time and is so elated she's bursting at the seems.
The first hour or two of the morning is straight up play time. She's runs around the living room, introducing herself to all of her toys, as if she's never seen them before. And she even takes a few moments to reacquaint herself with the cats. Although, it seems the cats never seem to need this reacquaintance, remembering all to well the day before when clumps of fur were ripped from their bodies because someone got a little too excited.
My next favourite thing would be mirrors. I like to take Malaia over to the bathroom door, lean into the bathroom ever so slightly. Enough to be able to see just our heads in the mirror. The moment we start our lean she gets a huge perma grin. Then I excitedly ask her who's that, and that sets off a giggling fit. Brightens my day every time, and turns a cranky little girl back into a tiny princess if even for a but a few moments
Mornings and Mirrors are the best.

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