Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day in the life

I was thinking today about how difficult it must be for a child to learn new things. As I watch Malaia in her quest to pull of the perfect walk, I began to wonder how much padding does a baby bum have.
One step - fall, two steps - fall, once step - fall... Imagine if you spent the entire day falling and then getting up again, only to fall again 2 minutes later. I'm pretty sure I used to do something like that for a Canada fitness test back in public and high school. It was used to determine strength, cardiovascular conditioning and stamina.
I suppose that we get energy from foods we eat. And with Malaia eating new foods all the time, combined with the fact that she's just over 2 feet tall, explains how she's a tiny whirling dervish of constant energy. But if you take one fall on your bum, think about the shooting pain you get in your tailbone if you land wrong. Then consider that it does not even phase a child. So again, how much padding does a baby bum have?
What it all boils down to in my train of thoughts, is that walking is just one thing a child is trying to learn. Their brains are miraculously learning and retaining so much information, and learned traits and behaviours. My hats off to children everywhere. It appears to be no easy task just learning to live.
Just something I was thinking.

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