Friday, August 22, 2008

Damage control

Talk about things getting rough. I guess it had been a while since we had clipped Malaia's finger nails. Well she got a hold of my nose last night and took a chunk out of the side of it. I knew she got me good, but Ang was on the other side of me and when I verbalized my displeasure. She said "oh did she scratch your nose"a poor little baby type comment. It was then that I touched the spot and looked at my finger and saw that it was covered in blood. Ang immediately grabbed the nail clippers and went to town on those tiny fingernails of doom.
Then today as I was playing with Malaia I laid back on the couch, pulled her up on me, and let her hold the remote control. She got very excited and I never saw it coming.. I got the remote right in the side of the mouth. A fat lip later Ang came home and told me she thinks we should put Malaia into no holds barred UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) as she was really doing a number on me.
I know she doesn't do these things on purpose. But man oh man.. I'm keeping the house stocked with bandages and ice packs from now on.

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