Monday, August 25, 2008

Running With Scissors!

I thought perhaps Malaia was getting slightly taller. She hardly crawls anymore. Choosing instead to walk/run everywhere she goes. Once she figures how to slow down or even stop properly, she'll be out of control. Although I have to admit it cracks me up when her momentum starts building and she looks like she's running a little head heavy. Almost drunk.
To set the scene. I was sore yesterday from work. I thought maybe soaking in a tub with some Epsom salts might cure some of my muscle tension. I ran the bath, and as usual Malaia stood at the side of the tub just waiting and reaching for the water to reach her fingers so she could do a good splish a slash. Once the water finally reached the necessary height. Her top was immediately soaked. I just took it off figuring she would be good to play with some toys until I was done. SHE thought it was time for a bath.
Now I've had a couple of baths, and just let her run around, knowing the house is baby proofed enough for her current stage of development and that the baby gates are up. And honestly for the most part she just stands at the side of the tub finger tips in the water. Quite content on splashing dad. I would say that she is just about shoulder height with the top of the tub. So I was completely surprised, when she was able to dive head first into the tub. Like an Olympic springboard diver, questing for perfect form and a flawless entry. Thank god I saw it happening and was able to catch her just as he started to submerge her head. Crisis averted. Although she did swallow some water, but nothing a few gentle pats on the back couldn't fix.
I guess Ang and I have to watch her a little more closely now. She can also now reach and pulls things off the office desk and quite frankly she could not do that last week. So baby proofing has to be stepped up another notch.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Damage control

Talk about things getting rough. I guess it had been a while since we had clipped Malaia's finger nails. Well she got a hold of my nose last night and took a chunk out of the side of it. I knew she got me good, but Ang was on the other side of me and when I verbalized my displeasure. She said "oh did she scratch your nose"a poor little baby type comment. It was then that I touched the spot and looked at my finger and saw that it was covered in blood. Ang immediately grabbed the nail clippers and went to town on those tiny fingernails of doom.
Then today as I was playing with Malaia I laid back on the couch, pulled her up on me, and let her hold the remote control. She got very excited and I never saw it coming.. I got the remote right in the side of the mouth. A fat lip later Ang came home and told me she thinks we should put Malaia into no holds barred UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) as she was really doing a number on me.
I know she doesn't do these things on purpose. But man oh man.. I'm keeping the house stocked with bandages and ice packs from now on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What does the future hold

I catch these glimpses of my future every now and then. And its really got me wondering. What type of father am I going to be the first time Malaia tells me she wants to go out on a date. Or even the first time she asks to use the car.
I'd like to think I'm going to be cool about everything. My guess is that I'll probably be the complete opposite. Overreact right off the bat. Over analyze every aspect of the situation. Devise some suitable alternatives. Perhaps even offer to chaperon. Hold on. Now I'm talking crazy. I don't think I'll ever get that controlling. But the thought of my little girl growing into a young woman and gaining her own sense of independence. Well it really gets me thinking.
On the flip side though, you hear these stories about teenagers running away and not wanting anything to do with their parents. Ideally that will never happen. I suppose it could, but I guess it comes down to a little bit of compromise on both the parents and children's behalf.
I guess I'll just have to worry about the future as it happens. But as of right now, Malaia can have any and everything she wants. Or that her mother and I can give her, except maybe sole use of the remote. That's daddy's!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tunnels of fun

With Malaia getting close to the one year mark, it was time for Ang and I to get out and buy at least one new car seat. As it turned out, we were able to get a really good deal and ended up buying two.
Of course we had to pull them out and set them up according to Malaia's size. It was then that we realized this was the first time that we had a box big enough for Malaia to play in. I quickly opened it up at both ends and laid it down on the floor as a tunnel.
I didn't anticipate the excitement that this was going to create or I surely would have grabbed the video camera.
She crawled back and forth at least a dozen times, followed by an excited "mommy" and "daddy". At least it was just before bed and it wore her out, which is why I find myself with a couple of moments to blog on just how much fun that box was. I think for her first birthday I'll get her an even bigger box. And maybe a present too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is it with kids and water?

I understand the fascination with water. But is it necessary to splash in every little bit of it you see? The moment water is turned on in our household, Malaia comes as fast she can to try to stick her hand, and/or her whole body into it.
We've have on more than one occasion caught her standing at the toilet bowl splashing away as if mom and dad had set up this tiny pool in the house simply for her enjoyment. Yet you put her in the bath tub and her immediate reaction is to stand up and try to climb out over the side using my shirt for leverage. That lasts for about 3 seconds until she remembers that she actually likes the water. And back to playing it is.
Malaia also had her first experience with a baby pool just recently. And although she was hesitant at first, she soon found it to be her little oasis away from the rigours of everyday life and all of the learning that she is trying to absorb. A way to get back to the basics: A kick here, a splash there. Good times.
The only unfortunate part of all this water play is that we set her kiddy pool just outside the sliding glass door on the deck. So if for some reason that door gets opened she 's off like a lightning bolt and I have only a split second to react before everyone is soaking wet.
Then if the door doesn't get opened she'll stand there and bang on the door and talk angrily to it, upset by the fact that it's taunting her. It all makes me laugh.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

When did I become a jungle gym?

I knew it was inevitable. Malaia is walking better and better with each passing day. She has even tried running on occasion. Apparently unsatisfied with the speed at which she walks from point A to point B. In fact she seems to really be absorbing all the things we have been trying to teach her since about the 3 month mark. Except, of course throwing her arms into the air and yelling touchdown.. I've made it my personal goal, to have her understand why she needs to learn this and when to use it. I'd like nothing more than to spend Sunday afternoons with her watching the current weeks NFL football games.
I am forever on my belly on the floor trying to entice her to walk to me. She loves it when I put my head down and then slowly raise it until we're eye to eye. She laughs hysterically and makes a b-line for my head as fast as her little body will take her. From there, her normal behaviour is to pat gently on the back of my head until I raise my head again. Setting her off laughing one more time. That was until the last couple of days or so. The moment my head goes down, she charges at me, crawls on the back of my head, across my back and down my legs until she eventually rolls off of me. Malaia is still very light, so I do not find this to be a problem yet. But this game will come to an end sooner than later no doubt in my mind.
I've also began to notice that when I hold her on my lap facing me, she gets this determined look on her face. And I know that this means that I have just became a small mountain, or even a rock climbing wall with the hand and foot holds attached. Like I have become her Mount Everest and she needs to break the speed record for ascent. Fingers in the ears and eyes, feet on the groin. She begins to climb making sure that every step and every grab finds it's mark. Working in unison to create tiny pockets of pain all over my body. Stopping only occasionally to catch her breath, and maybe a take a quick bite (out of my forehead). Her will is strong and her mind is set. To the top it is and nothing will stand in her way. This game was fun at first too. However it may be time to find other ways for her to perfect her fine motor skills.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day in the life

I was thinking today about how difficult it must be for a child to learn new things. As I watch Malaia in her quest to pull of the perfect walk, I began to wonder how much padding does a baby bum have.
One step - fall, two steps - fall, once step - fall... Imagine if you spent the entire day falling and then getting up again, only to fall again 2 minutes later. I'm pretty sure I used to do something like that for a Canada fitness test back in public and high school. It was used to determine strength, cardiovascular conditioning and stamina.
I suppose that we get energy from foods we eat. And with Malaia eating new foods all the time, combined with the fact that she's just over 2 feet tall, explains how she's a tiny whirling dervish of constant energy. But if you take one fall on your bum, think about the shooting pain you get in your tailbone if you land wrong. Then consider that it does not even phase a child. So again, how much padding does a baby bum have?
What it all boils down to in my train of thoughts, is that walking is just one thing a child is trying to learn. Their brains are miraculously learning and retaining so much information, and learned traits and behaviours. My hats off to children everywhere. It appears to be no easy task just learning to live.
Just something I was thinking.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can I hear your voice please

I anxiously await the day when I can hear whether or not Malaia can sing or is on the tone def side of the tracks.
I love to sing. I have been in a few bands, sang in some choirs. In fact I probably sing out loud about one hour each day if you tallied all the singing I do in the shower, truck, at work and just walking around the house.
Ang, however, does not sing all the time. And although she is not completely tone def, she sings in accidental harmony. She can sing within an octave. Just not on the key that any particular song might be sung in.
Malaia's great grandmother on Ang's side is an Opera Singer. So there is some musical genes on her side of the family. And although no one from my side of the family is an accomplished musician or singer, most of my immediate family has the ear for music.
I'd love to be able to sing in harmony with Malaia some day. Or maybe she'll be ten times the singer that I am, in which case I'd love to just listen to her sing. As she's learning to walk, she dances quite a bit already and appears to have impeccable rhythm.
I look forward to the day when I can hear her voice

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mornings and Mirrors are the best

I love when I get a day off, or even on the weekends, when I can get Malaia out of bed in the mornings. It's probably my favourite part of being a dad to see her standing up at the side of the crib, and when she sees you she gets the biggest smile on her face that you have ever seen followed by squeals of delight and sheer joy. It absolutely melts my heart. It's as if she's seen you for the first time in a really long time and is so elated she's bursting at the seems.
The first hour or two of the morning is straight up play time. She's runs around the living room, introducing herself to all of her toys, as if she's never seen them before. And she even takes a few moments to reacquaint herself with the cats. Although, it seems the cats never seem to need this reacquaintance, remembering all to well the day before when clumps of fur were ripped from their bodies because someone got a little too excited.
My next favourite thing would be mirrors. I like to take Malaia over to the bathroom door, lean into the bathroom ever so slightly. Enough to be able to see just our heads in the mirror. The moment we start our lean she gets a huge perma grin. Then I excitedly ask her who's that, and that sets off a giggling fit. Brightens my day every time, and turns a cranky little girl back into a tiny princess if even for a but a few moments
Mornings and Mirrors are the best.