Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

If there is one thing I love to do it's laugh.
In fact, so much so that I try my best not to watch, or listen to the news (within reason). Not saying that I have no idea what is going in the world. I instead choose a life of mindless sitcoms. Simply because I'd rather laugh than be depressed.
I also have the ability to make everyone around me laugh. So much so that I have friends telling me all the time that I should go into stand up comedy. Yeah because that's where the money is.
With that in mind not one day goes by where I don't try to get Malaia to go into a full up roaring belly laugh. I mean why not try to make her feel good all the time.
When she falls and bumps her head, or scrapes her knee and looks at me with her big aqua eyes, tears starting to well up, I immediately start doing funny things. Making faces, funny noises. And before you know it her tears are gone, replaced by a huge smile, and tiny giggles.
I believe it be of the utmost importance, to laugh as much and as often as possible. And I'd like her to be the same way. I simply enjoy life. Why shouldn't she?