Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holiday!

Hey all, early Christmas eve morning here. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!
Just wanted to say thanks to all who have shared in my family endeavours over the past few months, I thank you for reading and commenting.
This whole blogging universe that I've delved into is really quite something. I've truly enjoyed partaking in other parenting blogs, and I just thought I'd drop a few sites that I've been reading week in and week out.
There's Jason over at where I've witnessed the birth of a second child and the start of another writing career over at
I've been following the trials and tribulations of Matt over at where I've followed the development of a daughter just slightly younger than my own.
Whit over at is always good for a laugh and he gives away stuff via contests at random. He's also part and parcel of which I hadn't mentioned yet but is a travel website that is full of really down to earth travel reviews. I've find once you start reading them your there for long periods of time trying to decide on your next vacation destination.
I've read a and followed a good plenty more but these few have been my go to sites so wander over and check them out.
Cheers and happy holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming!

The excitement of christmas has finally set in. Up until now, it hasn't felt like the holiday season whatsoever. To me, the days have felt like they have been flying by.
We've had a few minor set backs, such as the pre-lit tree that I mentioned in an earlier post. The 800 lights just quit working last week. I know it's probably only one bulb that's the culprit. I just don't have the time to sit down and go through each individual bulb right now. It would take hours. Instead we went out and bought 280 LED lights and strung them a couple of days ago. So the tree looks great.
Today there calling for a winter storm dubbed "Snowmageddon". Supposedly any where from 15-30cm(6-12inches). Then another snowfall is supposed to hit us on Sunday.So with no warm up in sight we will have a white christmas.
Works been slightly crazy the last couple of weeks, so I've neglected our exterior christmas lights this year, much to Ang's dismay. She's a christmasoholic for sure. So I know I'm in the dog house over this particular matter. I'll just have to deal with her being a little upset with me for the time being.
I am however, getting super excited for christmas morning this year with Malaia. She now has an idea and gets the concept of presents. I can't wait to see how excited she's going to be when she sees the presents under the tree. I know I personally am goign to really cherish this christmas, because it's our last as a 3 person family. Next year there will be 4 of us, so I need to make sure I take lots of pictures and video.
That being said I need to get out and do some christmas shopping today before the snow and hopefully I have some luck.. and it will be finished today!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now what are you climbing?

This parenting thing is really turning out to be trickier than I thought it was going to be. You can't turn your head for one second with Malaia now. People warned me too! Telling me how crazy it gets, once kids learn to walk... They weren't kiddin!
Her latest feat, is climbing on top of the toilet. Previously she was a little too short. But thanks to her latest growth spurt it's no problem. So if you turn your back for an instant, you turn back and there she is perched on the top of the toilet seat hands on the tank of the toilet.
The good news, is that we've had no choice but to keep the lid down on the toilet. (She's dipped one too many of our things into the toilet water.) So at least there is no chance of her going for a swim in our porcelain pool.
She hasn't slipped and fallen yet.. We seem to get to her just in time to divert any catastrophes.. She can however, reach the medicine cabinet that is mounted above the upstairs bathroom.. so now we have to find homes for things such as razors and dental floss...
The joys of parenting, I signed up for it, so I guess I can't complain!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Malaia at night

M-my beautiful little princess
A-a perfect miniature of all your mothers good traits, and beauty
L-lying awake at night wondering why you won't sleep
A-alright I'll get up.. it's too early to play but we're obviously not going to sleep anymore this night
I-I can see your uncomfortable, are you going through a growth spurt, or teething perhaps?
A-All we have to do is remain quiet so mom can sleep some more.. no? o.k. carry on pushing every button on every toy so that the living room is a perfectly out of sync orchestra of ABC/twinkle twinkle little star/and lullabyes and tunes that I'm not familiar with we'll try this all over again tonight!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chocolate fiend

Every year Ang and I get chocolate advent calenders to help count down the days until Christmas. It was no big deal really until about 3 years ago. My buddy was going to Cosco and asked me if I wanted him to pick up a couple of Lindt chocolate advent calenders. His wife absolutely loved them and he thought Ang might too. I said sure and when he brought them into me the next day I was blown away to find out that they were $25 a piece.
My whole life I had been getting the $1 calendars that had a total chocolate weight of about 30 grams. These calenders that he brought me were a whopping 290 grams of chocolate. Not to mention that Ang and I both love Lindt. Some days it feels like you get a full size chocolate bar. PRETTY AWESOME!.
To make a long story short, we only have one of those calendars this year, but we came across one about half the size at about 128 grams of chocolate. Of course that one's mine(I'm not complaining, really I'm not). Anyway, I decided that I would share my chocolate with Malaia each day. She' goes right bananas when she sees said calendar and absolutely loves the foil wrapped treat awaiting her behind the tiny closed window. When it's gone, she stands up points emphatically at box and gives me the eye.. I calmly say "no honey not until tomorrow". To which she throws her head right back and yells then lets her whole body fall backwards(we're usually on the cushions on the couch) and cries for about 2 mins.. It's not long, but it's enough of a taste of temper tantrum that I'm not looking forward to the real thing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nice to finally meet you Benjamin!

Well, I just endured one of the longest nights in recent history. Ang(ie)didn't get home until 1:30 am. She was with her sister at the hospital. And I am the proud new uncle of a brand new baby boy. Welcome to the world Benjamin!
What started out as a day off for me. Turned into a full day of watching Malaia, which I have no problem with. It's the night time where typically on a work night I don't even hear Malaia through the night. It`s Ang who gets up with her if necessary. Recently she`s been waking up a lot through the night. SO I had to make sure that I was on the ball in case she did indeed wake up. And really through the night it was only 3 times. It was the cats that woke me up another 3 times, and roughly a 1/2 hour of chatting when Ang got home, that's got me so tired.
I know this is just a dose of what's to come once we have baby #2. It'll be an adjustment for sure.
I'm sure none of it compares to the day that Ang had. She had heard from her sister on Sunday saying that she was in some pain and discomfort. Which turned into Monday. And by the afternoon yesterday Ang had to cancel her last few patients of the day and head to the hospital. Although it was a really long day I`m sure it was all worth it. Benjamin was born at exactly midnight on Dec 2. Malaia now has a new cousin and playmate, and we can`t wait for her to meet him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Have you seen my wife? I haven't for a few months now

I just have to say it. This new pregnancy, compared to the last one is the extreme opposite in terms of the roller coaster ride of hormones that is Ang is on right now. The first time around, everything was smooth sailing. No sudden, horns sprouted from the top of her head. No menacing yellow eyes. No vicious teeth bared.
When I get home after work, the past few weeks. I generally get a " Hi honey, how was your day" kiss on the cheek. Then SNAP! I'm ducking blows. I actually have to run to the garage and and grab the lid to the garbage can as a form of protection, to shield the oncoming attack. That might be a little exaggerated. It's usually a verbal onslaught.
We're going with the whole, we want to be surprised by the sex of the baby thing again. But if these mood swings are indicative of anything at all. We both kind of think this might be a boy this time around. Our first baby was a girl. In fact Ang seems to think that she might have a raging battle going within her vessel, where her female hormones are clashing with male hormones in an epic battle of the sexes. It's turned her into a giant be-otch. No worries, I know she reads my blog, so I have consent to make such observations. Supposedly, it's the tiny male(If indeed that's what it is) That's making her eat like she's hasn't had a meal in 3 months. But every few hours.
Time will tell if we're correct. But I will say that I'm this close(my index finger and thumb are touching) to making an appointment to have a vasectomy. I hate doctors. Especially ones that mess with my junk. We're not completely closing the door on having more than two kids. But there is a strong case being made here to not want to have to go through this ever again. For now though, I'll just have to suck it up and take it as it comes!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The tree or not the tree!

So I know it's a little early, but we're contemplating putting up our Christmas tree. I know our American counterparts haven't even had thanksgiving yet, but Ang is a Christmasaholic. Our dilemma this year, is whether or not to use our regular Christmas tree. It`s fake, seven feet tall, has 800 bulbs that are wired to the tree, so I don`t have to mess around with stringing lights, and it has a motor so it rotates slowly all the time. It`s a beautiful tree. I know I`ll take some flak from the people out there that think that only real trees are the way to go. But I love our tree.
Our alternative option would be a little 4 foot fake tree that we have for our basement. We could put it up out of misses grabby grabberton`s reach. Malaia needs to touch everything. So the collection of glass ornaments that Ang has amassed over the years probably won't see Christmas this year. Ang actually went out and bought plastic ornaments and she's still thinking about only decorating the top half of the tree. Personally I think we should decorate the whole thing and teach Malaia not to touch.
I also think that once we plug in the tree and it starts to spin, Malaia might see it as an amusement park ride. I guess we'll find out shortly!
My guess is the big tree is going up. And if nothing else we should have a few laughs and get some good pictures. Malaia was only 2 months old last Christmas. SO this should be a whole lot more fun. If only I could get some of those holiday beers that they make in the states. It would be that much better!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What a night!

Had yet another amazing time Saturday night. As I had said in an earlier post. Ang and I had a dinner/concert evening planned with some good friends. I'm so glad that we have a plethora of babysitters from which to choose.
The evening started off with an awesome BBQ at my buddy's house washed down with a few uber refreshing wobblie pops. Then we headed off to the concert venue which was actually only a 5 minute drive away.
We went and saw a great Canadian east coast band GREAT BIG SEA. Acoustic/folk with awesome 4 part harmonies. I've seen them 4 times now, and that was by far the best performance to date.
When the tickets went on sale, one of my buddies picked up 6 tickets in the 3rd row, via ticketmaster. Then called and asked where the best seats in the house were. When he found out, they just happened to be available so he picked up 2 more tickets, which ended up being front row center. So for the first set of the concert I was in the third row, and the seats there were fantastic. But when the second set was about to start the buddy and his wife that were in the front row were gracious enough to swap seats with me and another buddy. I see now why people pay more to sit up front. We couldn't believe how good those seats were. The downfall of the situation was that they played a bunch of newer songs that I wasn't familiar with and so while the entire front row was singing along and I wasn't, it felt like the band was staring right at me, like why don't you know these lyrics.
We purchased a few large drafts at the concerts which I might be crazy, but felt like they were the size of pitchers of beer. They had to be at least 25 ounce cups. Which explains why I had an amazing time that night and a not so good morning the next day. Ah well, it was nice to get out for yet another evening of adult interaction!

Friday, November 21, 2008

One of those days!

Yesterday was a rough day. From the minor snow storm from the night before. To the 2 hour drive to work. To a super rush house that I've been drywalling, that we couldn't quite finish, because of the late start. I actually had a guy who I'm not sure who he was or why he ended up in the house I was working in. He stopped me and told me that I looked over excited and that I should calm down and slow down. It was then that I realized that I was sweating and felt like I was running on the spot, and that my heart was going 300% faster than it should be. I needed that guy, right then. I stopped dead in my tracks, and told myself that no rush house was worth having a heart attack over. Not with a young baby and one more on the way. Even right after that guy left, my partner with whom I work who didn't see that guy, asked me if I felt o.k. becauseI looked pale. Well... I started to feel o.k once I calmed down.
The final kick in the nuts, came later that evening when I was sitting at the kitchen table reading my mail. Malaia was playing in the corner cupboard in the kitchen. She grabs everything out off the cupboard and climbs right in it. It's very cute. But I just happened to turn and look at her, when she slipped on the edge of the cupboard and ended up smashing her mouth on the edge of the cupboard on her way down. I didn't like the look of it, and prayed that she didn't indeed hit her mouth. But that's when the blood started to flow. My first real test as a parent. I think I failed in the fact that I didn't know what to do. I think I was more hysterical than her. But thank god that after about a minute the blood stopped and she calmed right down. The result was a cut on the inside of her upper lip and 3 times larger than it should be fat lip.
It was the perfect end to a rough day. When Ang finally got home she congratulated me on being able to cope with the blood. Which normally I don't do so well with. And gave me a giant hug. I needed it, and everything seemed o.k. again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help, I need ideas!

I thought Ang and I had it pretty good for the last 5 months or so. When it came to eating, Malaia seemed to enjoy any and everything that we made for her. I've talked to a lot of different friends and they've told me how picky or fussy their kids are when it comes to food. Well, it appears Malaia has now fallen into that category.
It has now become a game of first I'll try mine, then I'll try yours, and now I want yours and nothing to do with mine. As parents we've been trying to do our best to feed her balanced, nutritional meals. But when I personally don't eat really well all the time, it doesn't help the cause.
Last night for instance. I picked Malaia up from my parents house on the way home from work. By the time we get home it's 5:30pm. I leave the house at 5am in the morning. So needless to say I'm tired. Now I have to cook the two of us dinner. I must have stood at the refrigerator for a solid 10 minutes. Trying to come up with something that Malaia would actually eat and not just throw on the floor and point at my supper. In the end I decided to do a little breakfast for dinner. I chose to do breakfast burrittos. My thought was I'll make them the way I like to eat them. If Malaia wants to try them, Great. If not I'll come up with an alternative plan for her once I'm finished. Well she couldn't seem to eat them fast enough. I'm glad she liked them. But I would rather her of had something slightly healthier. Does it come down to us making one thing for dinner, so that she has no alternative if she doesn't want to eat what we've made? What if she doesn't eat at all then?
I know her taste buds are devoloping and changing and more and more teeth are coming in. But how do you get a child who once loved vegetables and potatoes to get her to start eating them again. Aside from trying fattening solutions such as sour cream and french fries. Unfortunately I don't have an endless cookbook stored in my brain. Does anybody have any good ideas or recipes for food to make for a just over one year old child?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An evening out

We finally had a night out. One with adult interaction. Ever since Malaia was born, Ang and I have had maybe two nights out in the entire first 13 months. Last night would be number 2. We met up with some friends that we don't get to see very often. Dinner and show, a simple but refreshing evening without having to entertain Malaia or have to decipher her baby talk, trying to figure out what it is she's trying to say.
Nope, it was real conversation, with full sized people who speak in crisp clear words. We ended up at the local AMC theathre and went to one of the 9 restaurants that were within the complex. Although, the restaurant was busy we managed to get a table right away in bar area. The only downfall to the whole experience was the super ultra loud music that they had thumping in the background. So we found we were talking quite loud just to hear each other. Who cares! It was sans kiddo.
I think it was a neccessary evening. It had been too long, and as it turns out we have another such evening scheduled for next weekend when get to go to dinner and a concert with 2 other couples that have an 11 month old, and a 4 1/2 month respectivly. I know we've all been looking forward to this for some time. I'm glad it's finally near. The few hour break from the reality of all baby all the time is magnificent.
On a seperate note, we watched the movie Eagle Eye. I really enjoyed it! It was pretty much non stop action for about 90% of the movie. All in all I give it two thumbs up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello World! I'll see you soon!

It's funny, I was definitely more relaxed this time than I was when we had Malaia. I remember being so damn nervous in the waiting room at the clinic. I actually felt like I just wanted to get up and run out of there. Mostly because it took so long, and partly because I hate being stuck in an overfull waiting room with a bunch of people that have things wrong with them. I remember getting a little weepy too, when I finally got to see the image on the tiny monitor.
This time though, I was cool as a cucumber(what does that mean?). I didn't get nearly as emotional. But was equally as excited, and found it just as exhilirating as the first time around.. It definitley gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It's also made this pregnancy very real to me for the first time. I think I've just kinda of been going through the motions since we found out. I know it has alot to do with Malaia being a complete handful right now.
But there it was on the screen a real live tiny fetus. Instant reality check. Baby #2 is well on it's way and I am super PUMPED!! Malaia is going to have a new baby bro or sis, and our family is going to grow.
Can't wait to actually meet you BABY #2!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kamakaze kiddo

It's felt like the last week or so has been spent trying to teach Malaia how to "Sit Down". She has begun to climb. I think her favourite thing to do right now is to stand on her chair that she got for her birthday. It's just that it's slightly too high off the ground and she's already fallen once or twice. I realize that she needs to learn on her own, but at what expense? A goose egg or cut gums.
It's also the speed at which she climbs, and the sense of reckless abandon. In a blink of an eye. I watched her climb onto her chair, up on the back of the chair and then onto our end table. Luckily I was really close by, because it went from a potential 16 inch fall into a a 32 inch fall in a matter of seconds.
She also received a little four wheel riding toy that you push around with your legs while you sit on it, and it has buttons that play songs when pushed. She absolutely loves it. But again in a blink of an eye she pushed it to the center of the room and stood up on the seat hands free. It's scary as a parent to think if I hadn't been right there how quickly she could have fallen. Not only was it at a height where she could get hurt, but it was also on wheels so the fall could have been worse if she managaed to roll it at all while she was standing on it.
I wish I could have come up with a funny post about something she did that made me laugh. But like I said it literally feels like I get up, I go to work, I come home, and I spend two hours trying to convince my daughter not to stand on furniture. Hopefully she'll understand soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Really?, so I don't have as much time as I thought!

When Ang and I were pregnant with Malaia, we were on the computer at least one to three times a week, checking out our progress on various pregnancy websites. We followed a few in particular that gave us our week to week progress via a due date calculator.
So far during this pregnancy, I have not checked even once to see where baby #2 is at terms of development. I simply believed Angie, when she told me that we were due June 8th, 2009.
We have our first ultrasound next Wednesday morning, and when we were talking about it we thought that this was a couple of weeks too early. I decided to take a look at our trusty website again, and was slightly shocked to find out that Ang was not calculating right. As it turns out we're actually due May 24-27th. Which is really not that much of a difference, but suddenly I had this feeling of running out time.
Yes, I'm well aware that it's a long way away. It's just that these last 2 years have gone by so incredibly fast. I can't help but feel that time is going to continue to speed on by. It is in these moments, that I have the feeling that I haven't had enough time to enjoy Malaia. Suddenly there will two babies, and hopefully Malaia's daddy/daughter time will not have to suffer. I know I have enough love to give both of the kids. I'm just having one of those moments!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now that made me laugh!

In a complex world, filled with never ending chaos, and invariably superfluous chores and tasks. A child's brain is working fervently, attempting to absorb any and every thing that it can possibly learn and retain this information as a process of constant self education.
Malaia, who appears to me, to be learning new things at an astonishing rate. Blew my mind yesterday and set me into a fit of laughter brought on by my immature, childish, never going to grow up inner kid. It was at this moment that I realized how much I love parenting. Forget the sleepless nights, and the crying for no reason moments.
Malaia, simply sat down on the floor, took off her socks and looked at her mom and I. Then she went over to Ang, grabbed her sock and yanked it off. It was then that she bent down put her nose right up against Ang's toes and took a deep sniff. Her nose crinkled, her eyes furrowed. She immediately turned, looked at me for a reaction and when she saw that I was laughing, she broke into a a deep belly laugh. It was so bloody cute. Of course, Ang was taken a back at first, but retribution was had when Malaia made her way over to me and proceeded to administer the very same smell test on my own feet.
I know where she learned it. I was just stunned when she did it. I love being a dad

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Guy getaway!

I have two really good friends that I've grown up with since we were in grade 3. Once a year we try to set aside a weekend where we hang out up at my one buddy Jay's fathers hunting camp. This past weekend was our annual guys getaway.
Usually the group that ends up at the camp/cottage is quite large. Jay's brother usually has about 5 guys come up. And friends of Jay and Mike, well they invite friends. So it can actually get up to about 30 guys.. This weekend however, there was only about 14 of us. And although it`s a hunting camp we don`t actually hunt. It simply means that the cabin is not quite a cottage that one thinks of when picturing a cottage.
Simply said, I`ve yet to come across a female that actually likes attending the cabin. But it is a great place to get out into nature. The camp sits among 133 acres, and the only way to get into it is by 4X4 truck, ATV or snowmobile depending on the time of year. The alternative to driving in is to park on the main road and walk the 2km trail into the camp lugging in all of your stuff.
We were a little skeptical going in this year. Hank(Jay's father)had told us that in the weeks leading up to our trip that he had seen 3 black bears roaming the property. One of our favorite things to do up there is head out for long walks through the trails. So you can imagine our hike with everyone constantly looking around for fear of being attacked. I find this funny too, because we all know that black bears are not aggressive towards human beings.
We found a little time to get in some target shooting, with the vast array of guns that Hank has in his arsenal. Although you didn't hear that from me. You have to be licensed to shoot guns. In the middle of the bush, in a controlled environment, I found it to be rather entertaining.
I must say though the highlight of my trip came from the laughs we had at my expense. There is a Cedar Sauna beside the main cabin that holds about 16 people. We usually end up out there at least once. So I went out there on Saturday morning. We had the fire going fairly decent and I wanted to pour some water on the rocks to get it good and steamy. I just got to the wood stove when my buddy Tim stuck his head in the door and said "WOW, it's getting really warm in here". Then he turned and left.
I put water on the rocks and thought I'll come back later once it's good and hot.It turned out that Tim had inadvertently locked me in. I'm not claustrophobic by any means. But, instantly my adrenaline kicked in. I was dressed really warm, as it was cool up north this time of year. I began sweating profusely. Weighing my options, the easiest thing for me to do was to sit and wait for someone to come out to the sauna. Or option #2 would be to kick the door open. There was just a wooden spin lock on the outside of the door. Fortunately though, after about ten minutes I could see through a crack in the door that Jay was standing on the deck facing the sauna. So I calmly said "Jay". To which his reply was "why is the door locked?" I told him I had no idea but that I was beginning to evaporate. Long story short, Jay let me out, Tim felt like an ass hat, and we laughed for a good few hours about it.
As good as the trip was to get away from all responsibility and act like an animal. Coming home and being greeted by a huge smile from Malaia and Ang made me realize that although those sorts of trips are necessary to refresh myself. I sure do love being a parent and can't wait until Malaia and baby #2 are old enough that we can do family trips of the same nature.. Camping anyone!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's happening again!

When Ang was pregnant with Malaia, I gained around 12 pounds of "sympathy weight". So when we found out that we were pregnant again, the very first thing I did was say to Ang "Please, please do not ask me if I'm hungry, every time you get a craving".
We're now at about 7 1/2 weeks with child #2 and Ang is actually telling me that she is sick of eating. She says she doesn't want to eat every couple of hours, but that it makes her feel better when she does. So my thoughts wander towards, if your sick of eating, why do you ask me, even though I explicitly asked you not to.
I'm not pregnant, I don't need to eat to feel better. But if you continually ask me if I'd like a mini pizza, or a bowl of ice cream. I'm going to crack. I have very limited will power these days, and I enjoy food.
I'm doing everything within my power to resist. I think however, that there is some underlying agenda within Ang's psyche that is pushing her to get me to gain the weight right along with her. After all it is my fault, that she's pregnant. I couldn't keep Mr. Johnson away from that particular meeting, one crisp early September afternoon.
I must not give in to the temptations.. but oh how I love a good slice with cheese and pepperoni.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A good time

There was excitement, there was tears, there was elation and sheer joy. Malaia's birthday party was a complete success. She couldn't have responded any better to the crowd than what she did. Considering she was taking a nap until about a 1/2 hour into the party. When she woke, she was confused for about 15 minutes. Why were all these people in her house. And why were they so excited to see her? However, once she shook off the last vestiges of sleep she went straight into party mode.
There was only one moment during the party when she almost cried and that was again when the cake was brought to her and the candle was lit. I'm o.k. with her being afraid of fire.
I've been told over and over that the second birthday is much better than the first. I believe it. Once again Malaia was completely mesmerized by the cards that came with her gifts. She was spoiled though, and she absolutely loved seeing that she had been given dolls, clothes, games, fridge phonics etc. Once she becomes a little more aware of what a present is. I think it will be a lot more fun for me.
The best part of the whole birthday experience was a chair that she got. She was excited, to the point of not knowing what to do with herself. She'd get on it, get off it, walk away then and look at it, and smile and then start the whole process over again.
All in all great day, great party!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tomorrow's the day

Big day tomorrow. Malaia's first birthday party is tomorrow. All she's been talking about for the last three days is how she loves to open up presents and eat cake.. well... maybe not in so many words.
Her actual birthday was on Wednesday. She wasn't feeling all that great. But she still managed to enjoy her first piece of birthday cake with mom and dad. And she didn't know what to make of the presents until we got some of the wrapping paper off, then it was a big pile fun. Although she seemed to like her cards more than the gifts at first. But once we got her brand new fisher price baby grand piano set up, she went ape shit. Clapping, singing, dancing!!! It was hilarious.
Hopefully, she continues on with this new sleep pattern she's gotten herself on. We`re not counting on it, but it sure would be nice.. There`s been 3 nights in a row at about 10-12 hours straight. As long she doesn't dream about her party she should get a good nights rest again. Which we'll need as we have to de-clutter the house tomorrow before everyone shows up.
I can't wait to see her reaction tomorrow it should be priceless!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holiday weekend!

Well the family went up to the cottage this weekend. We don’t live right in the city but we live close enough that when you get the chance to get away, you can really appreciate the splendor and beauty of the outdoors. Especially this time of year when the trees have changed color to vibrant yellows, sunburnt oranges and various shades of vivid reds.
The cottage that we go to is Ang’s parents. It's set back up on a hill, with a fantastic view of the lake. It’s only about 50 steps down to the beach/waterfront. The lake is small enough that there are no big motor boats, sporting rediculous amount of horsepower. As you could probably get around the entire lake in about 15 minutes with a big enough motor. It makes for great paddleboat rides and trips out in the canoe. It’s very peaceful.
Surrounded by trees, the bulk of which are Maple made for an incredible, colourful blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground. It was Malaia’s first experience with the crinkling, crunching noise made by footsteps on the blanket. She was a little apprehensive at first. But it wasn’t long before she was running through the leaves kicking them up and throwing them into the air. Like a tiny little tornado that has just arrived in cottage country.
It really was a near perfect weekend. Malaia came down with her first actual cold. So between playing in the leaves and enjoying long walks, through the woods. The rest of the time was spent wiping her nose and giving her drinks to help with the cough and congestion. I really can't complain. I find it interesting that kids don't know what sick is. So they still go 800 miles an hour, resting only occasionaly. It really is something to see.
Ang and I were talking and find it a little surreal that this time next year, bar any unforseen circumstances will have another baby to enjoy holiday weekends such as this one with. Our lives are changing for the better, by the minute.
It was a fantastic weekend filled with great food, magnificent scenery, and good company. We just hope that Malaia beats this cold, pronto. She's got a big birthday this week and we're hoping she'll be able to enjoy every single bit of it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scary Animals!

Malaia had her first experience with a birthday party over the weekend. Her cousins, sisters, just turned 5 and 3. So there was a joint party thrown for them on Saturday. It was a pretty good gauge to see how Malaia is going to react at her first birthday party in a week and a half.
She was a little shy at first, but by the end she was hootin and hollering with the rest of the kids. What we did learn though is that Malaia does not like balloons. About halfway through the party my sister(Malaia's aunt) handed my father a a long skinny balloon to make an animal with. I was sitting beside him on another couch with Malaia in my lap. As soon as he started twisting the balloon, Malaia began to shake really hard, and put her head into my shoulder. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me. I immediately asked dad to stop. He did for a moment and then tried again. Same reaction. I actually had to take her out of the house for a moment to calm down. It was as if the sound of the balloons triggered an epileptic seizure. In my mind of course.
She slowly became accustomed to the balloons as the day wore on. But I think that for her party we're going to have to limit the number of balloons we decorate with. And if that was her reaction to that, then I'm not looking forward to her first experience with a clown.
I realize that she is going to be scared of a lot of things in her life. I intend to be there for her, and comfort her. But balloons? Especially when dad who has a a dirtier mind than I have, turns his balloon into a penis in a basket. I was little scared too!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I was relaxed!

I work in construction. I am very sore all the time. After 11 years of slugging drywall my body is a little worse for the wear. But I manage with chiropractic treatments and the help of my beautiful wife who just happens to be a registered massage therapist.
I desperately needed a massage last night. Ang has a table at home, so I was lucky enough that she found it in her heart to help a hubby out. Typically we wait until Malaia has gone to bed. But with this new pregnancy, Ang felt like if she gave me a massage before putting Malaia down that she might just head to bed at the same time.
If you've never seen a massage table it has a headrest with a hole in it for your face, to allow you to be as comfortable as possible, while still being able to breathe. So there I am laying face down on the table. Ang is doing her thing and Malaia is running all around us.
I kept calling Malaia, trying to get her to bend down a little and look up so she could see daddy's face, and every time she heard her name she would pull my ear or slap me in the back of the head. So Ang took it upon herself to show Malaia how to squat ever so slightly and look up at daddy. Needless to say, Malaia thought this was great. She would bend down, and look up over and over again. Then suddenly out of nowhere her little hand shot up and grabbed a hold of my face. Unintentionally but perfectly she managed to get two fingers in my nostrils and her thumb in my mouth. Like a bowling ball. She began to pull down wards. I went from being completely mellowed out, to feeling like I was being attacked with no way of defending myself, as my arms were at my sides on the table. Luckily, Ang reacted fairly quickly to my shouts of discomfort.
Usually a massage is meant to relax you. Not so much this time. Bed time for Malaia will be our first priority next time. Either that or we'll have to sign her up for a bowling league, because her technique was flawless.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great News!

O.k. I can't contain my excitement any longer. I promised I'd wait to say anything. But It's the only thing on my mind the last couple of weeks. So I'm finding it hard to carry on blogging without mentioning what is happening in my day to day. I'm very happy to announce that Ang and I are pregnant again. It's very early in the pregnancy and I don't want to jinx it but I just need the world to know.
I came home from work a week ago Friday. Proceeded with my daily ritual of handing Ang the mail over the baby gate, removing my boots, putting away my lunch pail and feeding the cats. So when I finally got to the kitchen and was about to give Ang a kiss, I noticed a home made card on the table. It's front read "To Daddy". I opened it up and it was a card from Malaia telling me how much she loved playing with me, hugging me and the way I take care of her. AND then it said and now there will be two of us to do these things with. Cue-HUGE SMILE
We had an inkling that we might be pregnant. So when I read the card I was completely shocked. But I was very, very happy. I still can't stop smiling.
Ang decided earlier on in the day that she was going to take a home pregnancy test. Her intentions were to pee on the stick, set it aside. Have a shower and then look at the results. Apparently it read positive before she even set it down.Of course I was all like, "why didn't you wait for me?" Then I proceeded to the upstairs bathroom and looked in the garbage. Sure enough there was a test in there that read undeniably, irrefutably positive. Instant believer.
Our first actual doctors appointment for this pregnancy is today. There is no question we are pregnant though. Ang is already feeling like she needs to eat constantly all day. Simply to feel better. Having gone through this very recently we are very familiar with the signs and symptoms, they are still fresh in our minds.
FumblingthroughFatherhood at is expanding and now with some good fortune, In the not too distant future I will have twice as much to write about. In the meantime, Malaia is now less then 2 weeks away from turning one. Which means that I will be father to 2 children under the age of 2. So if you'll excuse me I need to go to bed and rest because I'm being told by everyone that I won't get any sleep for about the next 4 years...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our first cold, kind of!

I started feeling a little ill on Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning, I knew I had caught something from the flu family. I went off to work feeling o.k., thanks to 2 cups of coffee and some ibuprofen. My job is very physically demanding, and by the end of the day I was absolutely spent. I felt horrible, and after the 1 hour drive home I was ready to just lay down.
From our front door you can look directly down the hall and into the kitchen. Between the end of the hall and the kitchen there is a baby gate. I walked in the front door, and stood there holding my lunch pail and looked right at Ang who was standing in the kitchen, and Malaia who was at the baby gate. I proclaimed "I don't feel well" and was immediately banished to the basement.
This is the first time that I have been really sick since Malaia was born. She's never been sick at all. So I was sad that I couldn't give her a big hug and a tickle like I do everyday when I get home. I did not want her feeling the way I did, so I complied. To the basement I went.
It wasn't completely bad. I was given a walkie talkie with which to communicate with the family and when it was time to eat there would come a knock at the door. I would have to wait 30 seconds and then retrieve my food. Then a quick page on the walkie talkie, and the dishes would magically disappear, from where they came a few moments earlier..
O.k. maybe I embellished a little.. I did sleep in the basement for a couple of nights. I did not want either Ang or Malaia to catch what I had caught. And the basement is fully furnished with satellite TV and bathroom complete with bathtub.. So the hardest part was keeping away from my girls as much as possible.
Malaia ended up with a runny nose for about one whole day and a tiny little cough. I wish I had that kind of an immune system. I was and am still battling a fever, and a deep hacking, mucous producing cough. If my math adds up. I've also gone through about 4 1/2 boxes of Kleenex's as well.
I hated to stay away but it was for the best. Malaia came away having fought and won her first battle with a flu bug. Ang showed symptoms for about 3 hours as well.. And I ended up with two reasonably good nights sleep, and no poopy diapers to deal with for 3 whole days.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Going on 1!

Time is flying by so fast. My little girl is going to be turning one next month. What does one get a baby girl on her first birthday? She has her favourite toys. I'm certain that any learning and developmental toys at this point would be helpful.
On one hand I'd like to go out and buy her the world for her first birthday. But will she remember... not likely. Do you just let grandmothers and grandfathers spoil her? Do I just get her a giant box as I had said in earlier post? Maybe cut some windows in it. Perhaps a skylight.
She's already learning to problem solve. We have the safety latches on our cupboard doors, in the kitchen but not in the bathroom yet. What we do though, is put one of Ang's hair elastics over the knobs on the double doors under the sink. She's already figured out that if she can get the door open as far it will go(about 2-3 inches) she can hold it with one hand, and use her other hand to slide it into the cupboard to grab whatever she can reach. It's usually mommy's hairbrush or a package of band aids. Note to self install latches immediately.
Maybe I should build her a mini stage for her birthday. I'm pretty sure she's going to be a performer when she grows up. This cute little dancing phase that she's going through right now seems to just keep blossoming into new moves each and everyday. I'm sure most baby's do this? But Malaia dances if you tap your feet on the floor in any kind of pattern or rhythm. And for whatever reason, she really likes the theme song to Hannah Montana. SO the best part of my day right now is turning the TV to that show as it begins. Malaia stops whatever she's doing and gets the biggest smile on her face, followed by a short dance and clap routine. It really cracks me up.
I've got it. I think what she needs is her own little football jersey. She sure seems to like mine when I put it on to watch some Sunday afternoon football..
At least I have some time still.. Although I'm pretty sure she wants a jersey. We'll see what mom thinks and then we'll go get her that I'm sure.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daddy Day Spa!

I'd like to know if it's just Malaia, or perhaps other children do this too. For no apparent reason, when Malaia was a little younger I think around the 3 month mark. I would get her to calm by down by rubbing her feet. It didn't seem to matter how worked up she was. Whether it be excited, or upset. I would simply take her and lay her down in front of me and rub the bottom of her feet. She would instantly go quiet, and give me a look like "yeah, that's the spot"....
Does this work for every child? Seriously. I think if you have a young child and they are acting up you should definitely give it a try. I use a fair amount of pressure too. SO don't be afraid to rub a little harder.
My only concern is that I'm setting Malaia up for a life of pampering. I suppose if we don't tell her about pedicures, well then she might be alright. I could see me 25-30 years from now having a conversation with her significant other about how often she goes to the spa, and how much it is costing them.
In the meantime I still do it today. Even at 11 months, she'll lay completely still and not say a word. Until the massage is over. Then it's a more laid back, subdued child not screaming, kicking, grabbing or tormenting the cats..
I find it works on Ang too. Whenever she is having one of those days. A quick foot rub and she forgets all about her troubles and our home retains it's somewhat perfect balance.
Now if I could only get someone to grab a hold of my hoofs..Life would be perfect.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't feed her that!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Corn in mup.
Corn in mup who!
Alright I just have to say it. Malaia loves to eat. One of her favourite things to eat is corn. What I can't seem to figure out is why would a parent even feed a child corn. I know there is supposed to be some sort of nutritional value to corn. But my thought is if the corn doesn't digest in any way shape or form, why would you feed your child something that comes out exactly as it goes in.
In fact I think maybe next time I decide to cook corn, I'll just take it from the pot and put it directly into the diaper. Skip a step if you will.
Sure she gets joy out of eating all those tiny little yellow kernels. The fella who's changing those diapers though is not a big fan of turd kernels. It looks kind of like regular corn but with a beer battered coating. Yup I'm afraid it brings me no joy.
So here it is, an official corn boycott in this household. I choose to change diapers with a little less sustenance. A lot less grits. And ones that don't look and feel like a bag of microwave popcorn

Friday, September 5, 2008

Please don't make me 'parent'

Let the real parenting begin. Up until now it's been just a fun ride. Watching Malaia develop. Being excited that she said her first words, took her first steps. Danced her first dance. It's all been fun until now.
I decided that she really needs to learn the word no, and what it means. So far her understanding is that it means giggle and carry on wreaking havoc. And for the most part it ends up in a laugh for everyone. But we have floor standing speakers that go with our home theater system. They are about 3 1/2 feet tall, really thin and although they have wide bases they are not very stable. The speakers are placed all around our living room, and although we've done our best to conceal the wires. Malaia continuously tries to pull the wires out of the back of the speakers. Not only are the wires dangerous for her, but I'm afraid of one the speakers actually falling on her.
Now I have a voice, that when needed can be low, deep and as loud as necessary. This voice rarely gets used. I knew however, that it was getting close to when I was going to have to stop Malaia from doing something and the only way to make her understand would be to puts some umph into it.
After about the 300th time of me saying " Malaia, NO" she turned her back on me and grabbed a hold of the wires one more time. Well mister loud voice paid his first visit to Malaia. I simply said "HEY". She jumped about 4 inches off of the ground turned around, looked right at me, and started crying. I honestly have never felt so bad. I just wanted to pick her up and give her a hug.
Ang was standing beside me when I did it. I apologized. Said I was hoping not to use that voice, but felt it was time. She said don't apologize she needs to learn. And look she's not grabbing the wires anymore. And then she picked her up and gave her a hug.
Whether or not this was the right way to go about doing things. It worked. And if I even change the tone in my voice now. Malaia simply walks away from whatever it is that's she's doing. Lesson learned! At least until next time..

Monday, September 1, 2008

Morning after thoughts!

Well, I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. So I thought to myself, what better time to write a blog than while medicated and in some discomfort.
I got to thinking about how I entered the world of fatherhood and really how simple it was.
It started with a pretty basic recipe:
First you pre-heat the oven. Then take 2 cups of ass, a handful of nuts, 2 pinches of nipple, one rooster (a.k.a - cock), and one egg. Put these ingredients together in a mixing receptacle and shake vigorously. Top off with a tablespoon of cream.
Let combination set for 2-3 days, and then leave in oven for a solid 8-10 months. If you've done everthing correctly the final product should slide right out when it is finally done.
Although if the combination gets to big while baking, the top of the oven may have to be opened up to remove the product. Likewise if the product somehow shifts in the oven it may need to be gently turned with a pair of tongs.
The final result: a life altering, sleep-depriving, absolute miracle of life. A child who can be molded into the type of person you would like them to become.
I've spent my entire life learning, taking in and retaining useful and some useless information. And now it's my turn to take what I have learned and teach it to Malaia.
I just need a couple of days of keeping her away from my face. No accidental punches, slaps, remotes to the mouth for me. Nope a little rest and maybe a good book or two. Or a current movie release. Mixed in with some soft, liquid food, and some pain relief.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Running With Scissors!

I thought perhaps Malaia was getting slightly taller. She hardly crawls anymore. Choosing instead to walk/run everywhere she goes. Once she figures how to slow down or even stop properly, she'll be out of control. Although I have to admit it cracks me up when her momentum starts building and she looks like she's running a little head heavy. Almost drunk.
To set the scene. I was sore yesterday from work. I thought maybe soaking in a tub with some Epsom salts might cure some of my muscle tension. I ran the bath, and as usual Malaia stood at the side of the tub just waiting and reaching for the water to reach her fingers so she could do a good splish a slash. Once the water finally reached the necessary height. Her top was immediately soaked. I just took it off figuring she would be good to play with some toys until I was done. SHE thought it was time for a bath.
Now I've had a couple of baths, and just let her run around, knowing the house is baby proofed enough for her current stage of development and that the baby gates are up. And honestly for the most part she just stands at the side of the tub finger tips in the water. Quite content on splashing dad. I would say that she is just about shoulder height with the top of the tub. So I was completely surprised, when she was able to dive head first into the tub. Like an Olympic springboard diver, questing for perfect form and a flawless entry. Thank god I saw it happening and was able to catch her just as he started to submerge her head. Crisis averted. Although she did swallow some water, but nothing a few gentle pats on the back couldn't fix.
I guess Ang and I have to watch her a little more closely now. She can also now reach and pulls things off the office desk and quite frankly she could not do that last week. So baby proofing has to be stepped up another notch.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Damage control

Talk about things getting rough. I guess it had been a while since we had clipped Malaia's finger nails. Well she got a hold of my nose last night and took a chunk out of the side of it. I knew she got me good, but Ang was on the other side of me and when I verbalized my displeasure. She said "oh did she scratch your nose"a poor little baby type comment. It was then that I touched the spot and looked at my finger and saw that it was covered in blood. Ang immediately grabbed the nail clippers and went to town on those tiny fingernails of doom.
Then today as I was playing with Malaia I laid back on the couch, pulled her up on me, and let her hold the remote control. She got very excited and I never saw it coming.. I got the remote right in the side of the mouth. A fat lip later Ang came home and told me she thinks we should put Malaia into no holds barred UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) as she was really doing a number on me.
I know she doesn't do these things on purpose. But man oh man.. I'm keeping the house stocked with bandages and ice packs from now on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What does the future hold

I catch these glimpses of my future every now and then. And its really got me wondering. What type of father am I going to be the first time Malaia tells me she wants to go out on a date. Or even the first time she asks to use the car.
I'd like to think I'm going to be cool about everything. My guess is that I'll probably be the complete opposite. Overreact right off the bat. Over analyze every aspect of the situation. Devise some suitable alternatives. Perhaps even offer to chaperon. Hold on. Now I'm talking crazy. I don't think I'll ever get that controlling. But the thought of my little girl growing into a young woman and gaining her own sense of independence. Well it really gets me thinking.
On the flip side though, you hear these stories about teenagers running away and not wanting anything to do with their parents. Ideally that will never happen. I suppose it could, but I guess it comes down to a little bit of compromise on both the parents and children's behalf.
I guess I'll just have to worry about the future as it happens. But as of right now, Malaia can have any and everything she wants. Or that her mother and I can give her, except maybe sole use of the remote. That's daddy's!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tunnels of fun

With Malaia getting close to the one year mark, it was time for Ang and I to get out and buy at least one new car seat. As it turned out, we were able to get a really good deal and ended up buying two.
Of course we had to pull them out and set them up according to Malaia's size. It was then that we realized this was the first time that we had a box big enough for Malaia to play in. I quickly opened it up at both ends and laid it down on the floor as a tunnel.
I didn't anticipate the excitement that this was going to create or I surely would have grabbed the video camera.
She crawled back and forth at least a dozen times, followed by an excited "mommy" and "daddy". At least it was just before bed and it wore her out, which is why I find myself with a couple of moments to blog on just how much fun that box was. I think for her first birthday I'll get her an even bigger box. And maybe a present too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is it with kids and water?

I understand the fascination with water. But is it necessary to splash in every little bit of it you see? The moment water is turned on in our household, Malaia comes as fast she can to try to stick her hand, and/or her whole body into it.
We've have on more than one occasion caught her standing at the toilet bowl splashing away as if mom and dad had set up this tiny pool in the house simply for her enjoyment. Yet you put her in the bath tub and her immediate reaction is to stand up and try to climb out over the side using my shirt for leverage. That lasts for about 3 seconds until she remembers that she actually likes the water. And back to playing it is.
Malaia also had her first experience with a baby pool just recently. And although she was hesitant at first, she soon found it to be her little oasis away from the rigours of everyday life and all of the learning that she is trying to absorb. A way to get back to the basics: A kick here, a splash there. Good times.
The only unfortunate part of all this water play is that we set her kiddy pool just outside the sliding glass door on the deck. So if for some reason that door gets opened she 's off like a lightning bolt and I have only a split second to react before everyone is soaking wet.
Then if the door doesn't get opened she'll stand there and bang on the door and talk angrily to it, upset by the fact that it's taunting her. It all makes me laugh.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

When did I become a jungle gym?

I knew it was inevitable. Malaia is walking better and better with each passing day. She has even tried running on occasion. Apparently unsatisfied with the speed at which she walks from point A to point B. In fact she seems to really be absorbing all the things we have been trying to teach her since about the 3 month mark. Except, of course throwing her arms into the air and yelling touchdown.. I've made it my personal goal, to have her understand why she needs to learn this and when to use it. I'd like nothing more than to spend Sunday afternoons with her watching the current weeks NFL football games.
I am forever on my belly on the floor trying to entice her to walk to me. She loves it when I put my head down and then slowly raise it until we're eye to eye. She laughs hysterically and makes a b-line for my head as fast as her little body will take her. From there, her normal behaviour is to pat gently on the back of my head until I raise my head again. Setting her off laughing one more time. That was until the last couple of days or so. The moment my head goes down, she charges at me, crawls on the back of my head, across my back and down my legs until she eventually rolls off of me. Malaia is still very light, so I do not find this to be a problem yet. But this game will come to an end sooner than later no doubt in my mind.
I've also began to notice that when I hold her on my lap facing me, she gets this determined look on her face. And I know that this means that I have just became a small mountain, or even a rock climbing wall with the hand and foot holds attached. Like I have become her Mount Everest and she needs to break the speed record for ascent. Fingers in the ears and eyes, feet on the groin. She begins to climb making sure that every step and every grab finds it's mark. Working in unison to create tiny pockets of pain all over my body. Stopping only occasionally to catch her breath, and maybe a take a quick bite (out of my forehead). Her will is strong and her mind is set. To the top it is and nothing will stand in her way. This game was fun at first too. However it may be time to find other ways for her to perfect her fine motor skills.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A day in the life

I was thinking today about how difficult it must be for a child to learn new things. As I watch Malaia in her quest to pull of the perfect walk, I began to wonder how much padding does a baby bum have.
One step - fall, two steps - fall, once step - fall... Imagine if you spent the entire day falling and then getting up again, only to fall again 2 minutes later. I'm pretty sure I used to do something like that for a Canada fitness test back in public and high school. It was used to determine strength, cardiovascular conditioning and stamina.
I suppose that we get energy from foods we eat. And with Malaia eating new foods all the time, combined with the fact that she's just over 2 feet tall, explains how she's a tiny whirling dervish of constant energy. But if you take one fall on your bum, think about the shooting pain you get in your tailbone if you land wrong. Then consider that it does not even phase a child. So again, how much padding does a baby bum have?
What it all boils down to in my train of thoughts, is that walking is just one thing a child is trying to learn. Their brains are miraculously learning and retaining so much information, and learned traits and behaviours. My hats off to children everywhere. It appears to be no easy task just learning to live.
Just something I was thinking.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can I hear your voice please

I anxiously await the day when I can hear whether or not Malaia can sing or is on the tone def side of the tracks.
I love to sing. I have been in a few bands, sang in some choirs. In fact I probably sing out loud about one hour each day if you tallied all the singing I do in the shower, truck, at work and just walking around the house.
Ang, however, does not sing all the time. And although she is not completely tone def, she sings in accidental harmony. She can sing within an octave. Just not on the key that any particular song might be sung in.
Malaia's great grandmother on Ang's side is an Opera Singer. So there is some musical genes on her side of the family. And although no one from my side of the family is an accomplished musician or singer, most of my immediate family has the ear for music.
I'd love to be able to sing in harmony with Malaia some day. Or maybe she'll be ten times the singer that I am, in which case I'd love to just listen to her sing. As she's learning to walk, she dances quite a bit already and appears to have impeccable rhythm.
I look forward to the day when I can hear her voice

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mornings and Mirrors are the best

I love when I get a day off, or even on the weekends, when I can get Malaia out of bed in the mornings. It's probably my favourite part of being a dad to see her standing up at the side of the crib, and when she sees you she gets the biggest smile on her face that you have ever seen followed by squeals of delight and sheer joy. It absolutely melts my heart. It's as if she's seen you for the first time in a really long time and is so elated she's bursting at the seems.
The first hour or two of the morning is straight up play time. She's runs around the living room, introducing herself to all of her toys, as if she's never seen them before. And she even takes a few moments to reacquaint herself with the cats. Although, it seems the cats never seem to need this reacquaintance, remembering all to well the day before when clumps of fur were ripped from their bodies because someone got a little too excited.
My next favourite thing would be mirrors. I like to take Malaia over to the bathroom door, lean into the bathroom ever so slightly. Enough to be able to see just our heads in the mirror. The moment we start our lean she gets a huge perma grin. Then I excitedly ask her who's that, and that sets off a giggling fit. Brightens my day every time, and turns a cranky little girl back into a tiny princess if even for a but a few moments
Mornings and Mirrors are the best.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

If there is one thing I love to do it's laugh.
In fact, so much so that I try my best not to watch, or listen to the news (within reason). Not saying that I have no idea what is going in the world. I instead choose a life of mindless sitcoms. Simply because I'd rather laugh than be depressed.
I also have the ability to make everyone around me laugh. So much so that I have friends telling me all the time that I should go into stand up comedy. Yeah because that's where the money is.
With that in mind not one day goes by where I don't try to get Malaia to go into a full up roaring belly laugh. I mean why not try to make her feel good all the time.
When she falls and bumps her head, or scrapes her knee and looks at me with her big aqua eyes, tears starting to well up, I immediately start doing funny things. Making faces, funny noises. And before you know it her tears are gone, replaced by a huge smile, and tiny giggles.
I believe it be of the utmost importance, to laugh as much and as often as possible. And I'd like her to be the same way. I simply enjoy life. Why shouldn't she?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Story

Roughly less than 2 years ago, my wife Ang (Angie), and I began to think about entering the wonderful world of parenting. Prior to that, we were very much undecided as to whether or not we actually wanted to have kids. Thinking that maybe we would like a life of travel instead.
As fate would have it, one month before we were going to start trying to get pregnant, we got pregnant. I looked at it as a sign that it was meant to be. Although, leading into the pregnancy, I had made up my own mind that I had a lot of love in my heart that needed to be shared with a child.
Fast forward to present day. Malaia (Ma-Lay-Ah), our beautiful baby girl is just over ten months old now. I'm not sure where I'd be without her my life. She is an absolute joy. She takes away any stress I may have with one tiny smile and she breathes new energy and life into my daily routines.
I look forward to teaching her and watching her grow. And if you'll allow, I intend to share my thoughts and her progress - if for nothing more than a form of a journal for her to read once she can, so she understands her dad a little better and sees what he was thinking on her journey as my daughter..